Founder & CEO James Moore was featured in the August 26 edition of the “What’s Working in Washington” podcast. The dialogue considered the question of “peak tech,” and Moore shared his expertise on emerging technologies and their impacts on business, government, and society from the perspective of Washington. Federal News Network’s Jonathan Aberman hosted the podcast, which also featured Kandi Parsons, shareholder at ZwillGen, and Richard Levick, founder and CEO of LEVICK.

In addition to sharing his thoughts on the future regulatory landscape for technology companies and the government relations initiatives underway on the part of technology companies, Moore outlined the role of the Washington Institute as a safe haven for policy leaders, both in the executive branch and the legislative branch, to convene with technology executives.

The podcast, as well as a transcript of the recording, can be found here.

Moore, a former assistant secretary of commerce, played a key role in overseeing U.S. industry, including the technology sector, at home and abroad as a member of the Reagan administration.

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