From the dawn of the Olympiad to Tokyo 2020, sports have always captivated and united us as a global society. Where one might otherwise see divisiveness, sports have made communities whole. In times of doubt, they have instilled patriotism. Even during difficult days, they have helped us to define ourselves as to who and what we are.

Hon. James P. Moore, Founder and CEO of the Washington Institute for Business, Government, and Society, published a powerful call to action in Japan Today emphasizing the need for ethical action in sports, a centerpiece of the inaugural WI Global Sports Conference, to be held in National Harbor, MD from June 18-19, 2020.

Read the full article here, and learn more about the inaugural WI Global Sports Conference here.

Moore, a former assistant secretary of commerce, played a key role in overseeing U.S. industry, including the technology sector, at home and abroad as a member of the Reagan administration.

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