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Global Leadership and the Coronavirus: Lessons from a Head of State | Shaping the World Together Podcast Series – featuring H.E. Vicente Fox on April 28, 2020 (Guanajuato, Mexico)


The Importance of Communications in Crisis Responses | Shaping the World Together Podcast Series – featuring Barie Carmichael on April 30, 2020 (Washington, D.C.)


Today’s Leadership and its Impact on the World’s Future | Shaping the World Together Podcast Series– featuring David McCourt on May 14, 2020 (Dublin, Ireland)


The Coronavirus and Its Impact on Corporate Social Responsibility | Shaping the World Together Podcast Series – featuring Bill Novelli on June 9, 2020 (Washington, D.C.) 


What the Coronavirus has taught us | Shaping the World Together Podcast Series – featuring William Mayer on June 11, 2020 (New York, NY)


Governments, civil society organizations, and individuals are increasingly looking to corporations to provide leadership on the world’s most pressing issues. As concerns about the environment, income inequality, and upskilling of the workforce mount, the Washington Institute is supporting positive and effective collaboration between business, government, and society entities to drive mutually beneficial solutions to these challenges and others.









The Washington Institute understands that innovation and investment in people and communities are part of corporate DNA, yet many stakeholders have not realized the benefits of true social responsibility. Government and civil society seek to help businesses and those they serve but often lack the expertise and network to effectively do so. Concerns abound about the conduct of business, government, and social entities. By basing its work on the foundation of ethics, the Washington Institute drives responsible behavior and restores trust between business and consumers.









Through collaboration with business, government, and society, augmented by thought leadership, research, and global perspective, the Washington Institute is dedicated to empowering businesses and those they serve to do well while doing good.


Washington Institute
Embassy Series

Events with local embassies that bring together ambassadors, diplomats and global leaders to discuss the Institute’s signature issues and tangible solutions for problems like trade, which cannot be contained by geographic borders alone

Washington Institute
Technology Series

Events with technology executives and leading government officials, designed to break down the silos between our public and private sectors, build a mutual understanding of regulatory issues and promote a spirit of collaboration

Washington Institute

Biannual conferences to examine signature issues – for example, how global sports, including the Olympics and World Cup, influence business, government and societal dynamics

Washington Institute
University Consortium

Partnerships with prominent, global universities to deliver new research, internship opportunities and joint conferences

Washington Institute

Funding for exceptional students involved in the Washington Institute Consortium to pursue careers that focus on the intersection of business, government and society

Washington Institute

Three seasoned leaders who serve as spokespeople in the areas of business, government and society as well as representatives for the Institute in the U.S. and abroad

Washington Institute
Embassy Awards

Recognition of individuals and institutions who promote greater cooperation and understanding of signature issues, and who represent business, government, nonprofits, academia or the media

Washington Institute

A first-of-its-kind database with contact and logistical information for the Washington, D.C. offices of corporations, government agencies, Congress and nonprofit organizations

Washington Institute

Interviews between our founder and world leaders on topics of the day

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