U.S Cyberspace Solarium Commission



The Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society has been proud of its work and close relationship with the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission. This partnership has allowed the Institute to work with the Commission to influence policy on a nonpartisan basis and to engage in serious dialogue with key stakeholders in the growingly ominous and sensitive area of cybersecurity. The institute aims for this partnership to develop through further webinars/podcasts, conversations, policy development, and plans to make the cyberspace of the United States, its allies, and global corporations safe and strong. 


The Washington Institute has served as private sector partner to the U.S Cyberspace Solarium Commission, providing input and serving as an added voice It has served as host for a series of “fireside chats” conducted by Jim Moore with CSC commissioners and members of the Washington Institute’s Council of Advisors. The Institute is also conveying the work of the Commission and sharing with the Commission the thoughts of the private sector and U.S. allies on Cybersecurity. 
The Washington Institute looks forward to broadening its support of the Commission throughout 2021 and acting as a bridge with other players in the private sector.

National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

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Last fall, the Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society launched into a strategic partnership with the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. The relationship came about as a result of the Institute’s progress and success in working with the Cyberspace Solarium Commission. This partnership is allowing the Institute to provide an important bridge with stakeholders in the Institute’s three sectors of business, government, and Society on the importance of developing artificial intelligence effectively and laying out an ethical path for the future.


To date the Institute has held a series of fireside chats most recently theInstitute’s collaborator Sir Nigel Shadbolt of Oxford University and AI Commissioner Jason Matheny and another chat with another Institute collaborator Dr. Ayesha Khanna in Singapore and AI Commissioner Mignon Clyburn. This Institute and Commission partnership will develop in 2021 through further research, conversations, webinars, and efforts to find ways to increase AI responsibility and innovation in business and policy.

The Center for Innovation, Technology, and Evaluation (CITE)

The Institute has signed an agreement with CITE to be its senior partner in the development of a multibillion-dollar technology campus on 20 square miles near El Paso, Texas. The purpose of the public-private sector facility will be to test new cutting-edge technologies in addressing climate change, security, commercialization of various products, and other purposes. The unique facility will be open to companies in the United States and in allied countries. The Institute will serve as a bridge with various countries and companies and will advance CITE’s exclusive capabilities.

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