The Tangible Impact of the Washington Institute

Administer scholarships for students who are pursuing careers that focus on the intersection of business, government, and society

Provide an extensive, global network to tackle critical issues on how best business, government, and society can work together more closely for the good of everyone

Probe how the modern economy is impacted by innovation and how best to confront negative consequences to society

Launch critical venues that bring together technology executives, policy makers, and other relevant parties to educate and discuss with one another the challenges in the oversight and management of technological advances

Organize and hold major events that allow leaders from business, government, and society to come together and speak to issues that bring the global community in meaningful ways

Forge partnerships with premiere global organizations to create constructive dialogue and outcomes to address difficult issues in the intersection of business, government, and society

Collaborate with global corporations on focus on critical technology developments with an eye to addressing their impact on society

Hold events with key embassies and foreign delegations to address important, relevant issues facing their countries and their impact on the rest of the world

Expand membership within a university consortium among global academic institutions to engage students, professors, and administrators in the work of the Institute

Promote ethical approaches and solutions among global businesses to address current challenges

Utilize media of all kinds to convey the serious work that is being conducted