Washington Institute Global Sports Series

Global Sports Conference:

The Washington Institute Global Sports Conference will highlight ethics, technology, infrastructure, and security in global sports, particularly the Olympics and World Cup, and how they influence the dynamics of business, government, and society. The conference, which will host 150 global leaders, will bring together experts from Japan, Qatar, and elsewhere, who will speak about preparations undertaken to mitigate such crises as the coronavirus epidemic and insights for future events. The official event date will soon be published. The Washington Institute remains actively involved with the keynote speakers, major corporate sponsors, and global media outlets which partnered with the Institute on the Global Sports Conference originally scheduled for June 2020 and postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Infrastructure will also be an integral part of the conference. The rapidly growing field of e-sports and its impacts on international sports, including business and ethical considerations, will also be a key focal point. Data analytics in sports will be both a featured topic of the conference and utilized as a tool to maximize the impact of the conference content.





In addition to these objectives, the Global Sports Conference will yield the following opportunities for its partners:

  • Brand Expansion: Gateway to global sports organizations and corporations in alignment with global sports services cluster
  • Access: Facilitate relationships between partners and key international sports executives
  • Media Exposure: With major media organizations already committed to covering the conference, partners will have the opportunity to leverage this media coverage to help with expansion of media clusters
  • Other collaborative opportunities, such as an exhibit space for partner use outside the main conference hall, are also possible
  • Preferred choice of sponsorship packages and associated receivables at Washington Institute Global Sports Conference in 2022






Collaboration with the Washington Institute will produce the following:

  • Pre-conference branding of partners as a featured major sponsor in marketing to sports industry leaders (print, digital, and social media)
  • Showcasing of partner-branded content in GSC opening video and throughout conference
  • Featuring of partner company executives on panels throughout conference
  • Access for partner company representatives to exclusive VIP events and networking with global executives
  • Post-conference branding of partner in thought leadership piece delivered to global sports leaders and in content disseminated across WI channels

Smaller Scale Events in The Runup to 2021:

In order to generate attention to the 2021 Washington Institute Global Sports Conference, leverage the global network of the Institute and make this innovative program available to worldwide audiences, the Institute is considering symposia for approximately 50 attendees to be held in the following cities:

Washington, D.C. (November 2020)
London, UK (2021)
Singapore (2021)