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Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society

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Who We Are

The Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society is a global nonprofit organization created to bridge critical gaps by facilitating collaboration between public and private sector leaders. As a nonpartisan translator and global voice, we stimulate cooperation and meaningful action, leading to tangible results.

We bring together proven leaders from corporate foundations, government Institution, nonprofit organizations, trade associations, businesses, academia and other entities relevant to our goals and mission. Our Board of Governors and Advisory Council are made up of former heads of state, chief executive officers of major corporations, distinguished academics, award-winning journalists and other accomplished leaders who help define today’s global environment. The Council also includes young people who hold promise as tomorrow’s trailblazers. We are fiercely independent and determined to address vital, often overlooked issues.


Our decisions and actions are informed by decades of experience. We are not confined by a legacy to uphold. Rather, we are focused on the one we are creating today by shaping the world together.

The Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania which monitors more than 8500 think tanks in the world, recognized the Washington Institute as one of the top 50 startup “centers of excellence” around the globe.

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*The Lauder Institute of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is the undisputed global leader evaluating more than 8200 think tanks around the world. Having been launched in 1989, this intense program is supported by a panel of 1,800 peer institutions and experts from the print and electronic media, academia, public and private donor institutions and governments around the world. To learn more about the Lauder Institute and its think tank index reports click here .


What We Do

Shaping the world together

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Global Technology and Innovation

Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Economic Interdependence

Coronavirus Initiative

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Global Sports

Mission Statement

To bridge the gaps in finding greater understanding among leaders in business, government, and society and to help create real, quantifiable solutions for the challenges we face.  The Washington Institute is also committed to help broaden the education and development of promising, young leaders.​

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Washington Institute in Ukraine

The future of Ukraine rests not only in the military defense of its homeland but also in planning its future economically. With Ukrainians having been forced to flee the country and massive rebuilding needed to be undertaken in recovery, there exist clear challenges. But in the same way that President Zelenskyy, his Government, and the Ukrainian people have outflanked the Russian assault for more than six months now, the Ukrainian economy be brought back to health. With its expertise, network, and commitment, the Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society is prepared to be proactively aggressive and use its resources and global ties to support the cause of Ukrainian Restoration

Stand with Ukraine

 Washington Institute's Friends and Partners

Biden Administration Appoints Washington Institute Partner Chris Inglis to be the First National Cyber Director

We are proud of President Biden’s decision to appoint Chris Inglis as the nation’s first National Cyber Director. Chris Inglis, a member of the U.S Cyberspace Solarium Commission, has been an important partner of the Institute and joined our two fireside chats on Cybersecurity. We are looking forward to working with him on our future events and technology & innovation projects to tackle the issues of business, government, and society.

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