A Message from Founder and CEO James Moore on the Washington Institute Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear Friends,
The Coronavirus has become the signature scourge of our times.  In our commitment to address the challenges we face in the intersection of business, government, and society the Washington Institute is committed to working with our board, advisory council, partners, and others, including global academic institutions, to tackle the impact of the pandemic on our world and to provide substantive, practical lessons on what has been and is being learned.
We will do this through a series of symposia, OpEds, podcasts, and a global conference to be held on October 13, 2020 during the World Bank/IMF meetings in Washington. With the collaboration of some of the world’s greatest experts, we will issue a major report on how business, government, and society have been affected by the Coronavirus.
Your advice and support in the coming weeks will help us make a difference.  Stay tuned as we proceed on this journey together in “shaping the world together.” More information about the Washington Institute Coronavirus Initiative can be found here.



Washington Institute Tracker of Global Coronavirus Vaccine Development Efforts

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