Shaping the World Together™


At a time of particular political and social discord, the Washington Institute brings together business, government, and society, both as a convener and an honest broker for bridging gaps and forging solutions.


Our mission is to tackle issues at the intersection of business, government and society and help create real solutions for the challenges we face.



Global Technology and Innovation

Shaping the future of the internet, artificial intelligence, and other significant technological advances


Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Defining a new corporate playbook for addressing the social and regulatory landscape

Global Economic Interdependence

Proposing long-term fixes to the challenges that plague our global economy


Message from our Founder

How and why the Washington Institute was created

Our Guiding Principles

Seven principles that guide our work

Upcoming Events

Learn more about upcoming events hosted by the Washington Institute and its partners.

2019 Washington Institute Year in Review and Beyond

A look back at the launch of the Washington Institute and a year of successful collaborations driving tangible outcomes at the intersection of business, government, and society.


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