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Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Governments, civil society organizations, and individuals are increasingly looking to corporations to provide leadership on the world’s most pressing issues. As concerns about the environment, income inequality, and upskilling of the workforce mount, the Washington Institute is supporting positive and effective collaboration between business, government, and society entities to drive mutually beneficial solutions to these challenges and others.

The Washington Institute understands that innovation and investment in people and communities are part of corporate DNA, yet many stakeholders have not realized the benefits of true social responsibility. Government and civil society seek to help businesses and those they serve but often lack the expertise and network to effectively do so. Concerns abound about the conduct of business, government, and social entities. By basing its work on the foundation of ethics, the Washington Institute drives responsible behavior and restores trust between business and consumers.

Through collaboration with business, government, and society, augmented by thought leadership, research, and global perspective, the Washington Institute is dedicated to empowering businesses and those they serve to do well while doing good.

Dr. Isabella D. Bunn

Distinguished Fellow, Global Corporate Social Responsibility 
(Oxford, United Kingdom)

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Dr. Isabella D. Bunn is an international lawyer and policy advisor, with a transatlantic background as corporate counsel, trade and investment director, and endowed professor of business ethics. Based at the University of Oxford, she is Research Fellow in Governance and Global Ethics at Regent’s Park College, Associate Director of the Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture, and Trustee of the Oxford Peace Research Trust. Isabella serves on the International Advisory Council of Oxford Analytica, a geopolitical consulting firm, and as Senior Advisor to its Foundation. She is also engaged with the British Academy as a member of their Corporate Advisory Group for the Future of the Corporation program. Throughout her career Isabella has held leadership roles within the global legal profession, and is currently an American Bar Association Representative to the United Nations.


• B.S.F.S. in International Relations, Law and Organization from Georgetown University

• M.A. in International Relations from the University of San Diego

• J.D. from the University of San Diego

• M.Phil in Theology from the University of Oxford

• Ph.D in Human Rights Law from the University of Bristol Affiliations:

• Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford

• Oxford Peace Research Trust and Oxford Network for Peace Studies

• Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture

• American Bar Association

• American Bar Foundation

• Society of International Economic Law

• Internet Bar Organization

• UN Global Compact

• Oxford Analytica

• Oxford Analytica Foundation Featured



• The Right to Development and International Economic Law: Legal and Moral Dimensions (Author)

• International Economic Law: The State and Future of the Discipline (Co-Editor) Selected Articles;

• Business and Human Rights: The Changing Landscape for US Lawyers

• Making the Case: Rule of Law in the Emerging Development Agenda

• The United Nations and Climate Change: Legal and Policy Developments Consulting Projects for the Oxford Analytica Foundation:

• Corporate Stewardship Compass: Guiding Values for Sustainable Development

• Towards a New Paradigm of Company Valuation for Long-Term Sustainability

• Research Partner with the Human-Centered Business Model Project (a collaboration between the

• World Bank Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development and the OECD Development Center)

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