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Giulio Alighieri, PhD

Washington Institute's Technology and Innovation Fellow

Postdoctoral Researcher at MIT Chemical Engineering

Dr. Alighieri is conducting his postdoctoral research in the Weiss Lab at the MIT Synthetic Biology Center after graduating for his PhD and MS from the MIT Chemical Engineering Department. There, in the same lab where he carried out his PhD research,  he is continuing to work on developing platform based on RNA-RNA interactions without the use of exogenous proteins for cancer and autoimmune diseases applications. 

Before Joining MIT, Dr. Alighieri received a triple master degree in nanotechnology jointly awarded from the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy), the Grenoble Institute of Technology (France),  the EPFL (Switzerland). During his graduate studies at MIT, he has been actively involved in student leadership activities having been the president of the MIT European Club for four years and also member of the advisory group of the Dean of the School of Engineering professor Anantha P. Chandrakasan (GradSAGE). He is a sport enthusiast and enjoy activities like running, biking and hiking. As for team sports, he is truly passionate about tennis and soccer.

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