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Lawrence Chong

Cofounder and Group CEO of Consulus Global Network

Lawrence Chong is the Group CEO at Consulus, a global innovation consultancy with business management and multi-disciplinary design capabilities. Consulus is present in Singapore(HQ), Slovakia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei, Italy, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam, United States of America. Since 2004, the firm has implemented a multi-disciplinary method: UNIFY – to redesign organizations to enable innovation. He leads a global team that help leaders redesign their businesses to meet the complex challenges of the 21st century.  With experience in transforming companies in the Asia-Pacific ranging from multi billion- dollar enterprises to start-ups, from family-owned to government-linked firms, he brings pragmatic solutions with cultural sensitivity and innovative thinking. A global speaker, he has spoken at conferences such as Innovation by Design, World Marketing Summit, and in 30 cities such as Sao Paolo, Melbourne on innovation, business design and about a new economic approach called the Economy of Communion.

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