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Philippe Nacson

CEO & Founding Partner, Ai.VEN

Philippe Nacson was born and raised in Africa and remembers having read an article, in one of the very few French magazines distributed then locally, about Martine Kempf, a female French researcher who invented a vocal command system called the Katalavox, allowing handicapped people to drive cars. “It was a revelation for me, I read this article so many times that I knew it by heart. Since then my interest in Robotics has only strengthened.” In 2018, Philippe founded Ai.VEN, a deep tech impact fund investing mainly in healthcare, education and environment sectors. Philippe is also the founder of the HUMaiN Foundation, which helps members of vulnerable populations in Africa and India gain access to technology. Philippe has graduated from HEC Paris, London School of Economics and NYU Stern, and is an alumnus of the London Business School.

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